Laurie Has Two Mommies

by Laura

One of the more confusing things about being adopted is, “How do you talk about this???” I have two Moms and two Dads.  I have a Birth Mother, commonly referred to as a BM, and I have a Birth Father, the BF.  There are other common acronyms in my world as well:  autosomal DNA (atDNA), original birth certificate (OBC), non-identifying information (non-ID).  And there’s more.  Just wait.

But I digress…

Then there’s the people who raised me; who loved me; who put braces on my teeth, sent me to ballet, encouraged my academics, nurtured my singing.  They fed me, clothed me, spanked me, and were there when my heart got broken.  My Dad would tuck me in bed at night, and say to me, “Tell me how you feel; I was never a 14-year old girl!”  Oh, Daddy!  You were never a GIRL!

Since I’ve found my birth family, it’s gotten more complicated.  Mom, Dad, Dad, Mom…now there are four, when, for 60 years, there were two with the underlying knowledge, as yet consciously unacknowledged, that there were others, lurking in the wings, waiting, hoping? maybe? to be discovered.

For now, Mom means Margie, my Mom who adopted me.  And Dad would be Harry, her husband of almost 56 years, who adopted me with her.  I have  pictures of them  and their families throughout their lives up to their wondrous 50th Anniversary Party and beyond. My Mom loved to travel.  We traveled quite a bit as a family.  But it wasn’t until the nest was pretty much empty, that Mom and Dad really traveled the world.  Dad was quite the photographer, so, between them, we have this legacy of scrapbooks chronicling our life as a family, and their later trips as a couple. Here they are  on their 50th Anniversary trip:


Such a cute couple!  Even at the end, they still held hands…

Charlotte is my BM, the young woman who had me and released me for adoption.  I have several pictures of her from over the years.  My BF is another story, though.  For later.

Then there are other family members, Brothers, Sister, In-laws, StepDad, Nephews, Nieces.  Cousins.  I have lots and lots of Cousins.  Generally, I just talk about my family as they come up in my life.

I know…this gets a little complicated.  I’m sure you can keep up.