…and The Journey Begins

by Laura

Genetic genealogy is a steep learning curve. Expect surprises, mysteries, and things that just don’t add up. After David and I got home from our California Trek:2015, I powered up the laptop and checked out these DNA matches Ancestry has given me.  Yep! Denise was correct, I had one very good, close match.  But who was this person and how were we related?

“jimbuffalo” had obviously been apprised of the match, because he sent me a message through Ancestry’s message center. In that brief first foray into all of this, he had given me some wondrous information:  about HIS family, father and grandfather. Great! A start! But how does this prove anything, really?

Google. Google is your friend. In the course of researching these names, I found a couple of websites devoted to helping budding genetic genealogists, who are also adoptees, learn what to do and how to do it. I realised, quickly, that I needed to slow down a bit, back up, and learn from someone, somewhere the very best, most successful way to find “missing” family.  DNAAdoption were the very people to help. They have a methodology for utilising DNA as well as basic DNA explanations, advice, and numerous links to send me off into this new journey. So in between reading, voraciously, everything I could find, and then blindly doing what turned out to be The Right Thing (for the most part…), I made an incredible discovery.

My birthMother wasn’t from anywhere that close to Chicago.  I learnt about her through Googling “jimbuffalo’s” family, and finding an obituary.