Reunion, Part Deux

by Laura

On the first day of Reunion, we pretty much kept it to just me, David (my Husband), my siblings (Mike and Cathy), Mike’s Wife Sharon, and two of my nephews, Jay and Mike (aka Fudge). It was pretty laid-back as we talked, laughed, cried, and broke bread together.  Well…more like pizza and wings (after all, I was in Buffalo!). It was more than I could have ever hope for.

On Saturday, 2 April, I met more family: two more nephews, Chris and Chris’s family, and Eric and his girlfriend, Mary. I also have three nieces, Theresa, Sarah, and Meara. Then there is Chrissy; Gavin, Joshua, Hayley; Mason…I know I am forgetting some of the other children!!!  Please, forgive me!!!

Later that evening, the McManus Family that included my cousin Colin came over for a meet and greet:  Shelley and her Husband, Dave; her sister, Kathy; Desi and Mary; Colin; Duncan and Paula. This branch of the Family are descended from my Grandfather’s youngest brother, Duncan McManus. Putting faces to the names I searched for and researched about was so amazing! so fulfilling! We talked about our history and shared stories. We shared tidbits of info, like how we are descended from Border Rievers in Scotland through our one Scottish Great-Grandmother and, if we go back far enough, we have a castle and serious royalty. We shared about ourselves. But the most amazing thing was listening to them talk about how I looked, how I acted, how I this-that-and-the-othered like other McManuses.

I had waited 60 years. I was overwhelmed with the immediate sense of love and welcome and belonging…

Words fail me. And, still, there is so much more to tell.


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