Nature & Nurture

by Laura


I am a generational, conceived-in-the-womb, Chicago Cubs Fan. I’ve been to games at Wrigley field. I’ve been to a game or two at the old Busch Stadium to see twilight double-headers with our rivals, the St Louis Cardinals. I’ve watched them, in great high hopes, every April. And had those hopes dashed, every August. In 1908, the Cubbies won the second of their back-to-back World Series. My Grandfather, Robert Breese, was around 10 years old (family legend has it that his Mother was notorious for lying about her age…and adjusting her children’s ages, accordingly).

Around 1:00 this morning, Eastern time, my beloved Cubs won the World Series for the first time since 1908. So, today, I am marking this milestone in remembrance of my Grandpa who valiantly and hopefully waited every.single.year. for the rest of his life. Who watched them win the pennant in 1945…and lost the series…to the Detroit Tigers; their first in 10 years. Who drank his Schlitz and…waited. To my Mom and Dad. My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins (Hey, Cousin Bob!!! We did it!!!). To my Sister, who loves baseball and dearly wanted to play, but…alas! it wasn’t her sport or her time. To my Daughters who have passed this on to their families. And David who supported my Cubbiness and watched the Series with me (even buying a Roku when we couldn’t get it clearly enough on our TV), game-for-game. These folk nurtured my love for the Cubs.

Then there’s Charlotte. I discovered that, indeed, I have the Cub gene: the MLB-CUB/nl-2 gene  😉 . My birth Mother was also a life-long Cubs fan. This was passed on to her from her Mother, my Grandmother Ellen, who emigrated to Chicago with her Family in the early 1900s (I still have family there). My Aunt Renee had it as well. So it’s also in my nature. Nature AND Nurture. The perfect combination.

So I leave you today as a happy Bleacher Bum. A joyous Northsider Fan. A child weaned on Jack Brickhouse and WGN Radio. Memory Eternal to Mr Baseball; to them all!

Let’s just not wait another 108, years, K?