The Family Tree…

by Laura

…so far. Below is the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version:mcmanustree

I’ve hidden living family members on this tree with the exception of myself and David. This is a smaller version of the tree; the more inclusive version has over 22oo folk on it.

It simply wouldn’t fit.

Below, is my Adopted Family Tree:


Again, living folk have been redacted (I’m learning how to do this as I go along…) except me and David. Obviously, I’ve not focused as much on this tree as the other one. I know this tree; I grew-up with these folk…the food, the stories, the faces and places…although I did discover a surprise or two. I’m planning on getting back to work on it this winter. This tree has about 950 people. Yeah, I need to get back to it. Since many of the documents on my Dad’s side as well as my maternal Grandmother (Frieda Amelia, the Original Nonny) are written in Gothic German, I am grateful for that class I took in college:  German for Singers.  lol!  It’s been most helpful in sorting out some of the Church records I find. Fortunately, I also have a friend who is German. Dot! HELP!!!

So. These are the people in my life. The families I have spent the last year tracing; the family I’ve known far, far longer. I started genealogy way, way back in high school. These trees are the fruit of that initial journey with pen and paper. What a long way we’ve come with computers and DNA tests and online search engines that actually give you little hints (those green leaves you see, above).

And the journey continues…the search is never over. As I look for my family, I am finding great riches from castles and kings and saints (really!  w-a-y back, on my Scottish Great-Grandmother’s side, I’m related to St Margaret of Scotland) to poorhouses and beggars and sinners (seriously! I have evidence of another relative who was a, um, working girl…poor thing…the one way many a young, widowed, Mum had to make ends meet during hard financial times in Victorian Scotland). I am also taking the skills I’ve learnt from others as well as from my own trial and error and aiding others. It’s so much fun! Like a jigsaw puzzle, wrapped up in a scavenger hunt.

More stories to come. More surprises. More processing as I integrate this past year into my “new normal”…

It’s been real.