A New Year

by Laura

A New Year always inspires me to different things:  changes in diet (less cookies, more veggies); changes in attitude (less impatience, more long-suffering); changes in lifestyle (less couch-potato, more athlete…which is hilarious for those of you who know me). It makes me want to buy a box of new crayons, change my sheets, and rearrange my furniture. Which I actually did. Thank you to my long-suffering Husband for his help and guidance…

Last year, the New Year caught me unprepared and unawares of what, exactly, it had in store for me. Seems to have been a follow-on from 2015. Whilst I had done the work of finding my family, I had yet to figure out a good way to connect with them. Barely six weeks into 2016, and that problem was solved.

So I approach 2017 with cautious anticipation of what may lie around the corner.

I still have family trees I want to work on; mostly, my adopted family and my late Husband’s family. I’ve done some work on that, and filled-in some blanks there. I have some brick-walls in my own family I’d like to get through. And I have family members who have asked for some help with their conundrums…which I love to do, and I am happy to do. Bring it on!!!

There are also some changes I need to navigate around in 2017. Actually, the changes started in the last couple of days of last year, but it’s going to take me the better part of this next year to get through it. Whilst I am looking forward to the improvements this will bring, I am not exactly enjoying the process…so far. But then, I have to remind myself, it’s only been five days. Back to the attitude thing (long-suffering).

I hope to have a few more family members DNA tested this year. Not so much because I need the info, as much as I think this is important to do for future research and for possible DNA matches who may be trying to sort out their own family trees. Given my history, I never know who might match me or others connected to me; and who find themselves on the way to finding someone important to them.

Anyway, 2016, much less any of the last umpteen years I am cognisant of, have ever turned out as I expected. So putting too much stock into what I resolve, what I plan, what I hope, and what I determine (or, for that matter, what I fear) into 2017 seems a fool’s errand. We’ll plan our work, work our plan, and listen as God laughs…then go in the direction of that joyous sound. There truly is only one resolution that makes real sense anyway: be still and know.

Tomorrow, back to “real life”, only with a new furniture arrangement, a different sort of life-challenge, and a new box of crayons.  😉  Happy 2017 to you, too.