About me…so far

000_44My Husband’s Father was a foreman in the walnut and fruit groves of California.  One of his greatest skills was his ability to take a young, tender branch from one tree, and graft it onto healthy root stock to ensure better, healthier harvests.  It’s a tricky business, grafting.  But my Father-in-law was known for his skill in this.  We have one of his apple trees.  I can attest to his ability and the goodness of his work.

Well, that’s me.  I was removed from one tree and grafted onto another tree where I grew healthy and strong.  One day, even though I was firmly rooted on my adopted family’s root stock, I had an opportunity to find those trees from whence I came.

And so I did.

My name is Laura Anne Elizabeth Luner.  Flick.  Short.  Except when it was, for a very short time, Marie Walter McManus.  Except I am all of those names because I am all of those people.

This is my story.  So far.